Media Guidelines


True North Sports + Entertainment (TNSE) and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club endeavor to provide members of the media with appropriate access and proper resources for the effective performance of their services and to cultivate an environment of mutual cooperation and respect. TNSE expects all members of the media to act honestly and with integrity, to engage in factual and accurate reporting and to comply at all times with the policies and procedures set out in these guidelines or otherwise communicated by the Jets communications department. Members of the media should be aware they will be held to the same standards of conduct whether providing services for accredited organizations, acting individually, or on behalf of unaccredited organizations, performing services for traditional media outlets or emerging media outlets and social networks. TNSE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ENFORCE THESE MEDIA GUIDELINES BY REVOKING CREDENTIALS OR OTHERWISE RESTRICTING AND/OR DENYING ACCESS BY ANY PERSON TO BELL MTS PLACE EITHER TEMPORARILY OR PERMANENTLY.


  •  Cell phones, or PDA’s with cell phone capabilities, cannot be used for taking a phone call in the Jets dressing and workout rooms at any time (NHL media regulation). Cell phones, PDA’s or other mobile devices may be used for email/messaging/audio recording only.
  •  Stock and general still and video images, including those taken by cell phones or PDA’s, are not permitted in the dressing and workout rooms at any time, e.g., you cannot stand at the entrance and pan the room, or take stock and general images of players or the room with any device without the permission of the Winnipeg Jets communications department.
  •  All video must adhere to the NHL’s broadcast policies. Material may only be used for editorial purposes.


Season passes:Winnipeg Jets media season passes are issued to print, radio and television media members who cover the Winnipeg Jets, at both practices and games, on a regular day-to-day basis as part of their work requirements. Please note that your season pass is HOCKEY ONLY and is not valid for any non-hockey events at Bell MTS Place. The pass is valid for entry to Manitoba Moose games.

Single game passes: Winnipeg Jets media passes will be issued on a game-by-game basis to media members from accredited newspapers, magazines, wire services and electronic media outlets requesting a single-game media pass. Freelance writers will NOT be granted credentials without a letter of support from an accredited medium. This season, all requests must be made through the form found at at least 24 hours prior to the game.

Once again, we will NOT accommodate individual websites and bloggers with any type of credentials unless they are directly affiliated with a legitimate news gathering agency. This will once again be strictly enforced this season.

The media is reminded press box seating is reserved for working members of media covering a game or series of games. Media passes must always be displayed and bear the individual’s name and affiliation and, in all cases, are non-transferable. Any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to ejection from Bell MTS Place and forfeiture of credentials. Please see the back of your game pass for team and league policies.

Due to the professional working environment of the press box, all members of the media are requested to abide by a “working/business” dress code. Jeans are not recommended.


All media must access Bell MTS Place for Winnipeg Jets practices AND games through Gate 4 located at the northwest corner of the building (corner of Portage & Hargrave). Please check in at the media credential station located inside Gate 4.

New this season, all large bags are scanned by an x-ray machine, as per the True North large bag policy.

After checking in for practices, media can proceed to the arena bowl to watch practice or down the stairwell to event level to access the Matt Frost Media Centre.  After checking in for games, media are asked to proceed to either the event level to the Matt Frost Media Centre or can access the press box elevators at the northwest corner of Bell MTS Place.


Winnipeg Jets standard practice time is 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. and game day skates are typically held at 10:30 a.m. Please note practice times may vary. We make every effort to inform you of a schedule change.

The dressing room will remain closed before and during practice. When the dressing room door is locked, access is not permitted.

Access to the dressing room following practice is granted per NHL regulations: Five minutes following the first group of players (who participated in the full practice) leaving the ice. The room remains open for no less than 30 minutes.

Media access is allowed ONLY in the main dressing room and front hallway near the Equipment Managers Office. The players’ lounge, medical room, and workout room located past the blue doors are strictly OFF-LIMITS to media.

Media access to both the home and the visitor’s player bench is strictly prohibited during practice.

Player interviews are conducted in the main dressing room area only to avoid traffic in the hallways outside the room. If a player is not present in the main room, please contact a member of the Jets communications department who will make the player available.

Head coach Paul Maurice is available to the media in a press conference setting in the Matt Frost Media Centre within 25 minutes of the conclusion of practice. Individual interview (one-on-one) requests for the head coach are only granted in special circumstances and on advance notice.

Game day and Postgame: Prior to a game, players are available upon request to the media for interviews for a 30-minute period up to 90 minutes prior to game time. Preferably, media interviews are conducted following the morning practice.

Requests for players/coaches for broadcast pre-tape interviews must be made to the Jets communications department before 11:00 a.m. on game day and will be conducted before 5:30 p.m. (for a 7:00 p.m. start time). In the case of “walk-off” interviews, please provide AT LEAST TWO OPTIONS to the Jets communications department with at least two minutes remaining in the period.

The dressing room is open to the media between five and 10 minutes after the game.  Player interviews are conducted in the main dressing room only.

Head coach Paul Maurice will be available to the media in a press conference setting in the Matt Frost Media Centre within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the game.  The dressing room remains open during the coach’s press conference.


Photographers on assignment from accredited newspapers, magazines and wire services may apply for single game photo passes by emailing Scott Unger at at least 24 hours prior to the game they are assigned to shoot.

Due to limited shooting positions, locations will be assigned to photographers for each game. All photographers must report to the Matt Frost Media Centre 45 minutes prior to the start of the game to receive their posted shooting locations. Photographers are asked to shoot from those locations throughout the entire game. If spots are available, one outlet may receive more than one location during a game. Please contact team photographer Jonathan Kozub if you request to trade spots during the game.

For the 2019-20 season, we regret we will be unable to accommodate any freelance photographers not affiliated with a legitimate news gathering agency.

Photographers must request access to the Jets dressing and workout rooms for a specific assignment. Access is only granted for direct and specifically requested player interviews or ‘events’ such as a photo of a new goaltender mask, milestone goal, etc.


  •  Winnipeg Jets video and audio related content is defined as, but not limited to; interviews, news conferences, practices, and community related events. Games fall under the NHL’s broadcast policies.
  •  Content does not extend to the use of editorial text on the internet or text alerts sent to PDA’s or cell phones.
  •  Up to 60 seconds maximum per day of video and audio may be used on the Internet by news organizations credentialed by the Jets.
  •  An additional 60 seconds of game highlights may also be used for up to 24 hours following the conclusion of a game.
  •  No video or audio may be streamed live without the expressed permission of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club.
  •  All material must link back to the team website (example: “For more information, go to”). is permitted to link to such posted material.
  •  All video and audio content is restricted to use on media websites and may not be “pushed” to other platforms (including but not limited to cell phones).
  •  Video and audio content cannot be marketed or sold on a subscription basis.
  •  Video and audio content may be used only in editorial context (such as in links that illustrate stories or in multimedia news sections) and may not be featured in stand-alone multimedia entertainment sections of third-party websites.
  •  Video and audio content must adhere to the NHL’s broadcast policies.
  •  There is to be no sponsorship or advertising associated with or connected to the content. Footage may appear with banners and contextual ads, but the ads may not be specifically related to Jets content.
  •  There is no limitation on “talking head” video or audio of reporters at Jets facilities that does not include team/interview/press conference content.
  •  Reporters and photographers using a still camera or mini-cam for video purposes must inform the player or coach and inform the Jets communications department beforehand.

*** Live recording (IE: Facebook Live/Periscope/Meerkat etc.) is not permitted inside the Jets dressing room.***


Bell MTS Place is unable to provide complimentary parking to members of the media. Media personnel are encouraged to use parking lots around Bell MTS Place during games.


Due to the daunting costs of printing on game days, we have endeavored to move towards a more environmentally friendly, or “green”, press box and Matt Frost Media Centre. As a result, we will no longer be printing the following items for games or practices:

  • Game notes packages
  • League statistical packages

Roster sheets, line charts and game and event summaries are available in the press box before, during, and following games.

Media are encouraged to download the Jets PR app that is available on all mobile devices and tablets. This Jets PR app includes all statistical information in .pdf format. It is updated on a continual basis. The app also includes the latest Winnipeg Jets press releases, schedules, daily clippings, and archived statistical and game notes reports.

If you do not possess a tablet or device, the hockey club can supply a limited number of team-issued tablets to be signed out for your use. It is asked these tablets are returned to the communications team immediately upon completion of the game.


The Winnipeg Jets communications department maintains a media-only website at It contains a game credential forms, daily Jets-related clippings package, press releases, game notes, practice schedules, team media guide, and other relevant media information. Questions regarding the website can be directed towards Scott Unger at


The Winnipeg Jets media guide will be available on once the 2019-20 season starts. It’s digital-only and updated continuously throughout the season. Questions regarding the media guide can be directed towards Scott Unger at


Stay up to date with schedule updates/stats etc. with the Jets communications departments twitter account @WpgJetsPR.


A media meal is available for purchase on game nights in the new media lounge located at the press box level. Media are asked to refrain from consuming these meals at their work stations in the press box area. Complimentary soft drinks, coffee, and water are available to everyone in the press box. Media are also invited to purchase food from the various concessions located on the public concourses at Bell MTS Place. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the press box for members of the media.


The Matt Frost Media Centre is the work room and press conference room located in the northwest event level corner of Bell MTS Place. It is equipped with an ISDN, internet, and phone lines. There are reserved work-spaces available, along with temporary work-spaces available for media. Please honour the reserved work areas. The elevator to the press box is located just north down the hallway.


The dressing rooms for the home and visiting teams are located at event level of Bell MTS Place. The Jets dressing room is on the west side of the facility, while the visiting dressing room is on the south end of the building. Once again this season, we ask media to avoid passing through the loading dock as much possible to access the locker rooms due to an increase in vehicle traffic and television production personnel.


At no time will players’ home or cell phone numbers be released to either the media or the public unless the player specifically authorizes such release. Members of the media attempting to reach players must do so through a member of the Jets communications department.


Media attending Jets practices or games are strictly forbidden from requesting autographs. The locker room area is for working media only. Any person in the locker room with a media pass observed asking players for autographs will be asked to leave the premises.